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Course Objective

The Supplier Sourcing and Evaluation (SSE) digital course is designed and developed for learners to acquire a specialized knowledge and to gain competence in supplier sourcing and evaluation of an organization. SIPMM digital courses are designed to provide flexibility of study, so that the learners can study at their own pace.


Who Should Enroll

This course is intended for all procurement or purchasing personnel working in all industry and service sectors. This course is also extremely beneficial to those who wish to acquire a specialized knowledge and gain competence in supplier sourcing and evaluation of an organization.


Earn Competency Award

When a learner has scored at least 80% mark for the online exam, the learner can attain a Certificate of Competency in Supplier Sourcing and Evaluation. This Certificate is awarded by SIPMM, and accredited by Logistics Institute of Singapore.


Earn Accredited Designation Award

The Accredited Designation is jointly awarded by SIPMM, and Logistics Institute of Singapore. For information about the qualifying criteria, please visit SIPMM website at https://sipmm.edu.sg/student-information/lps-career-progression/


Course Curriculum

Course Outline
Introduction : Supplier Sourcing and Evaluation Preview 00:04:00
Section 1 : Outsourcing or Insourcing Decision 00:22:00
Section 2 : Supplier Sourcing Strategy 00:21:00
Section 3 : Supplier Selection & Evaluation 00:20:00
Section 4 : Supply Performance Measurement and Control 00:22:00
Section 5 : Effective Supplier Relationship Management 00:20:00
Online Examination
Online Exam : Supplier Sourcing and Evaluation 00:30:00
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