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About this Course

This is an online learning digital course, which is designed and developed for learners to acquire specialized knowledge of contract negotiation in an organization. This digital course enables learning flexibility for learners to study at their own pace within a stipulated time period, while providing high-quality content that is delivered through interactive videos and exercises.

This specialized digital course comprises 5 sections that cover important topics on Negotiation Models and Principles; Planning and Preparing for Negotiation; Negotiation Strategies Tactics and Techniques; Interpersonal and Online Negotiation; and Commercial Contract Clauses for Negotiation. An average learner requires a duration of about 18 hours to complete this specialized course successfully.

This course is jointly developed by Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM), and Logistics Institute of Singapore, with industry advisory from global providers and organizations that provide career pathways and job specifications for skills upgrading and mastery.


Who should Enroll

This course on contract negotiation techniques is typically geared towards professionals who are involved in the process of negotiating and drafting contracts. This might include individuals working in roles such as purchasing, procurement, supply chain management, legal, sales, and business development.

The course would be beneficial for professionals who are responsible for negotiating and drafting contracts for their organization, as it would provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively negotiate terms and draft agreements that are favourable to their organization. It would also be beneficial for those who work in roles that support contract negotiation and drafting, such as legal, finance, and risk management, as it would provide them with a better understanding of the process and the strategies that can be used to protect the interests of the organization.

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers who are interested in learning about how to effectively negotiate contracts and protect their interests would also find the course useful.

Additionally, students and recent graduates who are interested in a career in legal, sales, procurement, business development or related fields would also benefit from taking this course as it would give them a solid understanding of the key concepts and techniques used in contract negotiation and drafting.


Attaining a Competency Certificate

Towards the end of the course, a learner will complete a 30-minute online examination, that comprises 25 multiple-choice questions. When the learner attains a minimum score of 80% for the online examination, the learner will attain a Certificate of Competency in Contract Negotiation Techniques. This specialized Certificate of Competency is awarded by Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM) and is accredited by Logistics Institute of Singapore.


Attaining an Accredited Designation Award

Upon successfully attaining three (3) Competency Certificates, and maintaining an active membership with either SIPMM or the Logistics Institute of Singapore, a learner can qualify for the prestigious title of Accredited Sustainability Professional (Procurement). For further details and a comprehensive understanding of the accreditation process, we encourage you to visit the official website at https://sipmm.edu.sg/asp/.


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For more information about the course, certification, and accreditation, please send an enquiry to [email protected].


Course Curriculum

Course Outline
Introduction : Contract Negotiation Techniques Preview 00:04:00
Section 1 : Negotiation Models and Principles 00:23:00
Section 2 : Planning and Preparing for Negotiation 00:23:00
Section 3 : Negotiation Strategies, Tactics & Techniques 00:28:00
Section 4 : Interpersonal & Online Negotiation 00:22:00
Section 5 : Commercial Contract Clauses for Negotiation 00:22:00
Course Examination
Online Exam : Contract Negotiation Techniques 00:30:00
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