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About this Course

This is an online learning digital course, which is designed and developed for learners to acquire specialized knowledge and skills competence of managing dangerous goods in a modern organization. The field of dangerous goods handling has evolved rapidly in recent years, with new techniques, regulations and technologies coming into use. As a result, it is very important for all employees in the transportation industry to stay up-to-date on all that relates to handling hazardous materials.

This interactive digital course provides users with the ability to learn at their own pace within a defined time period, while providing up-to-date content that is delivered in an engaging and interactive format that offers variety of content through videos and exercises.

This specialized digital course comprises 5 sections that cover important topics on Regulations, Classification & Labeling; Purchasing & Receiving Dangerous Goods; Storage & Handling of Dangerous Goods; Transporting & Shipping Dangerous Goods; and Technologies for DG Safety Implementation. An average learner requires a duration of about 18 hours to complete this specialized course successfully.

This course is jointly developed by Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM), and Logistics Institute of Singapore, with industry advisory from global providers and organizations that provide career pathways and job specifications for skills upgrading and mastery.


Who should Enroll

This course has benefited professionals employed across most industries. It has also enabled strong foundation for those who wish to acquire and broaden their scope of specialized knowledge on dangerous goods management in order to help them gain job competence and advance in their professional careers.


Attaining a Competency Certificate

Towards the end of the course, a learner will complete a 30-minute online examination, that comprises 25 multiple-choice questions. When the learner attains a minimum score of 80% for the online examination, the learner will attain a Certificate of Competency in Managing Dangerous Goods. This specialized Certificate of Competency is awarded by Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM) and is accredited by Logistics Institute of Singapore.


Attaining an Accredited Designation Award

When a learner attains 3 Competency Certificates and has at least 3 years of managerial or professional experience in the field of supply chain, the learner can qualify as an Accredited Supply Chain Professional (ASCP). For more information, please visit https://sipmm.edu.sg/digital-courses/#accredited-designation-1.


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Industry-Recognized Certificate

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Graded Online Examination

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For more information about the course, certification, and accreditation, please send an enquiry to [email protected].


Course Curriculum

Course Outline
Introduction : Managing Dangerous Goods Preview 00:04:00
Section 1 : Regulations, Classification & Labeling 00:25:00
Section 2 : Purchasing & Receiving Dangerous Goods 00:22:00
Section 3 : Storage & Handling of Dangerous Goods 00:24:00
Section 4 : Transporting & Shipping Dangerous Goods 00:26:00
Section 5 : Technologies for DG Safety Implementation 00:22:00
Course Examination
Course Exam : Managing Dangerous Goods 00:30:00
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